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Careers in Computers and Information Technology

Careers in Computers and Information Technology
The IT scenario offers kinds of careers - in the Hardware sector and in Software. All Jobs related to the production, design and maintenance the machinery comprise the Hardware sector. Software is utility program installed in the hardware in order to make it operational for the end user.
The Profession: Hardware sector offers jobs like Service Engineers: They are employed by the computer manufacturers and vendors for purposes of servicing the maintenance. Problems related to the hardware or in the alignment of hardware re and software are rectified by them.
Design Engineers: are employed in the production sector. Their work involves the actual engineering of new and improved versions of hardware.
Computer Scientist/Technologist: Works in the R D team of the manufacturing unit. He is involved in design modifications in suit the needs of the industry.
Software: The software Sector is a highly competitive field and the prospects are excellent. In the hierarchy of
Programmers: They create & test the efficacy of software programmer and help the end user in the installation and use of it.
Applications Programmer: Writes user friendly programs to the specifications of the systems analyst. He works in software houses or consultancy firms and directly interacts with the client at the installation phase of the programs.
The Systems Programmer: Work is more academic. He creates systems software which is the base on which the applications programs run. He works in ware houses and at R & D institutes. Analyst Programmer handles the entire process of implementation of medium sized computerization projects. He analyses the requirements, writes the program, and run the tests software. He works in user organizations with large computer networks
Systems Analyst: Has to interface between the client and the programmer. He evolves the overall plan and procedure of software development. He researches the end users mode of operations at the office and analyses the mea ns of computerizing it using available technology. He should be well versed in system analyses and design for it is he who gives the blueprint on which the programmer works. He should also be a communications expert as he has to feel the pulse of the end user and provide accordingly. He works with software houses and consultancy
Software Engineers: Are another specialized breed of computer software developers who are also adept in the technical side. He is usually employed by the R & D institutes and his work covers the design development and maintenance of higher end software.
Other jobs available in the computer sector are marketing of hardware and software. A working knowledge of both would be useful.
End user Jobs: To this category belong the computer operators, data entry staff and any professional who uses the computer to perform his duties.
Training: The growth of the IT industry has resulted in a mushrooming of 1T training institutes. These institutes provide jobs for those who aspire to be trainers.

Career growth
Computers are a field which offers possibilities for career growth in all the jobs it offers. Growth is linked to experience and expertise..

Mid life entries
Computer software training is open to people of all ages. They must, however, have the basic aptitude and interest.
Web Careers
Today internet has become a one-stop Shop for any information on anything anywhere in the world. The collection and transmission of data are done at the Click of a key. Voicemail makes transmission of voice data possible while video conferencing allows face to face conversation between people located across the globe.
The web offers infinite opportunities for the internet savvy professional. On the technical side, the web professional has to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted functioning of web sites while, on the creative side, the webmaster designs, activates and maintains these sites. The webmaster should have artistic sensitivity as well as marketing skills, for he is basically an advertising professional. Most computer institutes offer basic and advanced courses in web designing. The basic qualifications for entry in this field are graduation with knowledge of computer operating systems programming languages, graphic, and internet tools. Artistic skills and an eye for color and shape can be an added advantage.
Courses in Computers are of four types
1. University courses
2. Those offered by IT conglomerates like Microsoft, Sun and Oracle.
3. Department of Electronics Accredited Computer Courses
4. Courses offered by large and small training institutes
Department of Electronics Accreditation of Computer Courses (DOEACC)
Introduced in 1991 by Department of Electronics (DOE), these courses offer a certain quality and standard in computer education. There are four levels of courses under this scheme.
'0' Level/ foundational Level affirms the individuals competence as programmer assistant. Students who have completed +2 and the 'O' Level course from authorized institutes can appear for this exam.
‘A’ Level/Advanced Diploma Level: The candidate who qualifies ‘A’ level is equipped for a programmer’s job. Duration of course is one years. Eligibility for ‘A’ Level Exam: Graduate 'O' level accredited 'A' level course.
'B' Level/Graduate Level: Those who qualify this exam will be proficient as systems analyst/software de' Signer/ engineer. Duration: 3 years full time program. Eligibility for 'B' Level Exam, Graduate or 'A' Level accredited level course.
‘C’ Level/ Masters Level: The candidate who qualifies this exam can be a systems manager Duration: 18 months full time course Eligibility: B. Tech/ BE/ MCA] M.SC/ MBA (after B.Sc (Maths) ‘B’ Level 'C' Level Course.
Global Certification offered By Microsoft
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Microsoft Certified Professional internet (MCP Internet)
Microsoft Certified Professional Site Building (MCP Site Building)
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
Microsoft Certified'Systerns Engineer (MCSE)
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Internet (MCSE Internet)
For each certification of MS, the candidate has to pass a specified number of examinations. Similar international certifications are offered by Sun & Oracle. The advantage is that these certifications are recognized the world over but the disadvantage is that the certificate establishes proficiency only in one company's software.
Future Prospects: The emphasis on computerization has led to a great boom in the industry. Major growth areas are in financial services sector,  production planning and control/ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Design Development (CAD). Management Information Systems (MIS) etc. Prospects in the IT industry are excellent.
Animation and Cartoons
Animation Films Animators are illustrators who draw pictures to instruct the light and persuade people. Animation Films are created by filming sequence of drawings and processing them at high speed so that they appear to be moving. Animation Film is usually associated with children entertainment and with promotional activities.
Apart from artistic skill, the animator should possess a keen sense of humor, an eye for detail and fluid imagination and insight. Today with the help of computer aided designing and computer graphics, the laborious work of manually drawing pictures is dispensed with. Multimedia and Animation packages like Adobe Photoshop have been highly enabling to the animator. Animation graphics are used in action films too to stimulate real events that are perilous and life threatening to enact. In the print media the animator is a cartoonist. Cartoonists specialize in caricatures and satiric representations of actual events or people. Political Lampooning is the traditional forte of the cartoonist. Cartoonists work for newspapers and journals and as illustrators for books, greeting cards, television shows, corporate publications etc.
Training Program’s: The basic qualification for training in this Held is successful completion of 10+2/equivalent course. The graduate and post graduate program’s in such disciplines as Fine Arts, Applied Art, Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Animation Design Visual Communication De sign etc. give training in Animation art. Proficiency in Multimedia packages and other relevant software’s are also useful.
Cartoons are comic drawings often seen in a newspaper or magazine illustrating as a serious comment on politics. These caricatures depict humorously or satirically a topic of public interest. They are exaggerated and comic portraits of real people; examples are politicians, leaders, etc. When a cartoonist wants to criticize a political leader or show disapproval of him, he makes him look silly and ridiculous.
The father of modem cartoons was the English artist William Hogarth (1697-1764). He was interested in human attitudes, nature and character. His drawings ridiculed the drunkenness and stupidity of youngsters.
Around 1700, during the period called the 'Age of Reason' people became very puritanical, serious and boring. The only reason painting was still in demand was for supplying likenesses. This greatly irritated the young engraver Hogarth who had to make a living by illustrating books. So, he deliberately created a new type of painting which should appeal to his countrymen.
His paintings resembled a kind of 'dumb show' in which all characters play roles and make the meaning clear through gestures and use of stage puppetry. He did everything to bring out what he called the 'character' of each figure; not only through the face but also through the dress and behavior.

A cartoon is also a comic strip. A motion picture film (animation cartoon) is produced by photographing a series of drawings, each of which represents a minute advancement in the action of a film. The most famous animation cartoonist was Walt Disney. The cartoon highlights the prominent features of the person on which it is based. Line is used to indicate the abrupt meeting of the different colors and to explain the shape or form over which it moves.
Some of the famous cartoonists in India today are R.K. Lakshman, Abu Abraham and Mario Miranda.

The skill comes through an aptitude for drawing, a personal quality to identify unusual characteristics in people and situations and the wisdom and technique of presentation. No information is yet available on regular courses except.

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