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Career in Disaster Management

Career in Disaster Management
Career for Braveheart
The climate change is changing the seasons and their predictions. If we look into last two years we saw emergencies after emergencies across the world. Now India has flash floods which has destroyed whole state and still number of dead and missing are not known even after almost 15 days.
India Flash Flood – This kind of calamity has not seen ever before. This may have lost 11000 lives, nobody is yet sure. It has put all efforts of armed forces to evacuate thousands stranded tourist and fate of the locals is not known.
Fire Emergency USA – 19 fire fighters died on fire emergency. Temperature is at highest in century. Similar was the situation last year when storm hit USA. Thousands peoples and many cities are affected.
Australia Flood – Australian flood is another story, when cities after cities gone under water. This can happen again.
The pace of natural calamities has increased and so is the demand for professionals who can manage and work under such circumstances.

The climate change and natural calamities are hand in glove. The calamities will continue to increase and we move from bad to worst on climate.

Disaster management
Disaster management is the application of financial, human and material resources to alleviate the hurt and loss of a nature or manmade catastrophe in an equitable, sensitive and dignified manner. If you are sensitive yet strong and can maintain a fine balance between action and reflex, you can be on your way to becoming a disaster management expert. You should also have a knack for leadership, organizational and problem-solving skills; the ability to keep your Cool; a deep sense of commitment and ability to work strictly under pressure.
Being a Disaster management expert means imparting information, creating awareness, training other people, to being there in the eye of the storm. The right attitude and passion for the field can get one in places that suit his qualifications and profile.
Someone with an educational background can work in the field of awareness and information campaigns, preparing manuals and study material, conc'eptualising pro posais and disaster management plans. Those in the field of IT and computers can train themselves in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Those who want to work in the social work sector can opt for Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs) and iunding agencies.
Those who are in the corporation world could work with the HR department and on the laws, procedures and policies that have been set up by the National Safely Council.
The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi-110 068, offers a six month certificate program in the discipline through distance education. ,
The Indian Institute of Disaster Management -, New Delhi-110 OSS-affiliated to the Sikkim Manipal University-offers a masters’ degree in Disaster Mitigation that includes a thesis, helping you specialize in a specific field. The eligibility is a graduation degree in any discipline.
The National Civil Defense College, Civil Lines, Nagpur-440 002 conducts various courses in Civil Defense and Disaster Relief Management.
The Indian Institution of Public Administration National Centre for Disaster Management, New Delhi, conducts short-term training workshops for government officials and the staff of Non Government Organizations.
The University of Wisconsin, the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Centre (HRCC) at the Texas University, Federal Emergency Management Agency at Emmetsburg in Maryland, in America offer courses in the same with specializations as well.

The University of Coventry in the UK runs several courses as in disaster management.

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