Monday, September 24, 2012

Opportunities Abroad

Blue Card advantage: Opportunities for Indian techies in Germany
Ever since the German green card scheme, that was meant to attract IT professionals from non-EU countries, was discontinued in December 2004, Indian techies have missed it badly. The introduction of the new German 'blue card initiative' from August 1, 2012, skilled and highly qualified workers from India can again look forward to tapping opportunities in Germany.  Along with the new scheme, the German government has also announced the Recognition Act, which facilitates the recognition of foreign professional credentials.
Bid to Tap Skills
The changes to the Residence Act include regulations regarding the issuance of the new EU blue card which is a residence permit intended for highly skilled non-EU nationals seeking employment in Germany. It also offers new benefits for foreign students. "The new EU blue card is one step towards providing better access to jobs in Germany for skilled international workers. India has a young workforce and an enormous potential to become the country with the largest number of qualified young people.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Choose a Course

How to Plan Career

The basic foundation of building a career is the quality of education and training to which a person is subjected.
A natural question that comes up is what course of study would ideally suit him. Identification of the right course of study involves a detailed analysis of diverse factors, The most important among them are:
1. aptitude of the student
2. learning ability of the student
3. financial position of the family
4. proximity of the educational institution
5, sex difference (boy/girl)
6, potential of the program for early placement
It may be remembered that there is no child without an aptitude for anything. Any raw stone has a Beautiful hidden statue inside, it is the duty of the parents, teachers, and well-wishers to play the role of a gifted sculptor and identify the hidden statue in the child.
If a child is pushed into a field of study in which he has no interest or aptitude. He may struggle to survive there. No good parent will desire this to happen; but they often do not contemplate such a possibility when they compel the child to fall in line with their blind wishes.  A total neglect of this important aspect may land the child in a career that is not to his liking. He may not therefore be able to excel in the profession. A person may have aptitude not for just one thing; there may be a variety of aptitudes in him.
If we should be able to learn the best course of study for a child, the first requirement is sound knowledge of the available options.  It is very rarely that parents prepare themselves by gathering detailed information on courses that may suit their children.